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life in harmony - vaughan & toronto counseling

Psychotherapy & Psychological Counselling in
Vaughan & Toronto

Anchoring Change,              Inspiring Growth

We are offering online counselling across GTA as well as in-person counselling!

Supporting Your Path to a Brighter Tomorrow

We are the largest psychotherapy & counselling service provider in Vaughan. We are delighted to announce the opening of our second location in Toronto's Bloor West, and we couldn't be more excited to share this news!

For the past 18 years, we have had the privilege of working with individuals and families through periods of transition and crisis. Our team of independent psychotherapists, social workers, psychologists, and counsellors share the same values, visions, and missions in our practice. We offer a wide range of cutting edge psychotherapy, psychology and counselling services to individuals, families, and couples.

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life in harmony - vaughan & toronto counseling



online and virtual counselling
life in harmony - Children & Youth Counselling & Psychotherapy

At our clinic in Vaughan, we have been providing video chat and phone counselling for many years locally and across GTA. 

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 Drawing on our extensive experience working with young people, our counselors in Vaughan provide valuable resources to our young clients and their parents to navigate the bewildering array of novel experiences, emotions, and ideas that arise during these formative years.

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At our family counselling sessions, our skilled family therapists in utilize a broad spectrum of methods and strategies to tackle the distinct requirements and dynamics of each family. 

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Through a wide range of techniques employed in individual therapy, our therapists in Vaughan & Toronto strive to help you overcome these obstacles and unlock your true potential.

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Marriage and couples counseling provides support in nurturing a stronger and more significant connection with your significant other. With the help of our expert therapists, couples can enhance their satisfaction and fulfillment in their marriage or relationship. As social beings, humans flourish through relationships, and fostering a positive partnership can be a profoundly fulfilling and vital aspect of life.

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A powerful tool to combat the symptoms of anxiety



Trauma &
PTSD Counselling

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health disorder triggered by exposure to a traumatic experience. The symptoms of PTSD can significantly affect daily functioning, even long after the traumatic event has passed.


Grief & Bereavement

Grief is a complex emotional experience that extends beyond mere sadness. It can disrupt your physical health and sleeping patterns, and trigger challenging emotions such as regret and guilt.


Therapy for Anxiety
& Panic Attack

Experiencing occasional anxiety is a typical aspect of life, but for some individuals, the symptoms of anxiety can be overpowering. Panic attacks manifest as sudden and unforeseen episodes of extreme fear or discomfort. Alternatively, individuals may experience anxiety attacks triggered by specific stressors.

life in harmony, BIPOC Counselling

for Phobias

Phobias can have varying degrees of impact on one's life, from minor to severe, and may disrupt one's work, education, relationships, and obligations. Despite recognizing the excessive nature of their fears, individuals with phobias may feel powerless to take action.

life in harmony - Therapy for Anxiety  & Panic Attack


for Depression

While it's natural to experience occasional sadness, if such feelings start to interfere with our daily activities, it may indicate a more serious underlying issue. Major Depressive Disorder is a prevalent mental health condition that can significantly affect one's overall functioning, regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

Sexual Trauma Counselling

Counselling for

Sexual Trauma

Sexual trauma may manifest as a consequence of non-consensual sexual contact, such as abuse, rape, molestation, or incest. Survivors of sexual trauma may continue to experience symptoms long after the event has occurred.


for Addiction

An addiction is characterized by a compulsion to continue using a substance, chemical, activity, or behavior, despite causing physical or psychological damage

life in harmony -Anger Management

Counselling for
Anger Management

When anger is unregulated, it can result in aggressive behavior, emotional outbursts, and even physical altercations. The aftermath of such outbursts can cause distress to both you and the people around you.



Our Mobile Apps

The Life in Harmony Counselling Services Mobile App is available for download through Apple iTunes and Play Store

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