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Climate Extremes in the History of Woodbridge/Vaughan

The hottest day in Winter was in January 13, 2005 with +17 degrees!

The coldest day in Winter was in January 16, 1994 with -34 degress (Before Windchill)!


The hottest day in Summer was July 7th, 1988 and the temperature at the time was +39 degrees!

The coldest day in Summer was June 11th, 1972 and the temperature at the time was almost -2 degrees! 

First Inhabitants

The areas of Mississauga, Huron, Iroquois and the Algonquin were host to the first known Indian settlements in the York Region.

The first white man to step into the region was Etienne Brule from Quebec who was a representative of the governer of New France.


First Agricultural Fair

First ever fair was held on the corner of Islington and Gamble in 1847 on the property of Stegmann Estate.



Early settlements were along a trail that travelled through Woodbridge (known as Burwick at the time) all the way to New Amsterdam (today known as New York) that was used 

for trades. Longhouses were the early settlement structures. 


More modern settlements were started in early 1800s when the loyalists left United States to settle in areas such as Humber and Don Rivers.


Early Churches

The first two churches made in Woodbridge (Burwick) were Wesleyan Methodist Church (at a location today known as Meeting House Road) and the Anglican Church. United Church which still

exists today along Kipling Street was also one of the early churches made in 1886. 

Name change to Woodbridge from Burwick

This name change was very fitting for this area due to numerous bridges that were constructed on Humber river. The main reason for name change however for to avoid confusion

with another city called Berwick.



Suite 120 - 4550 Highway #7
Vaughan, ON.
L4L 4Y7


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