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All of our therapists are offering online counselling at this time!



If you or your child are experiencing challenges in school, and/or need support with
understanding the support available in an educational system, we offer an Educational
Consulting service with a variety of support options.

What is Educational Consulting?

Educational Consulting is a personalized service to help families navigate through the education system (elementary, secondary, and post-secondary) to support their child's academic and emotional success. Our focus is on the child as a whole, as each individual experience is unique.

What can we do?
  • Provide families with a personalized informal assessment of their child's presenting symptoms to determine their functional impacts

  • Identify academic and personal goals

  • Develop a treatment plan and/or next steps to support client's goals

  • Discuss appropriate accommodations and other resources that exist within the framework of their education model

  • Provide families with information on relevant policies and legislation 

  • Educational planning

  • Educational Transitional planning (i.e. elementary to secondary, secondary to post-secondary)

  • Support the facilitation of appropriate documentation and formal diagnostic assessments

Which therapists provide this service?​

Stefanie Ferrante

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