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All of our therapists are offering online counselling at this time!



Our clinic aims to provide affordable counseling to the community through supervised counseling.

What is supervised counselling?

Starting in October 2023, Life in Harmony Counselling aims to provide affordable therapy to the community through supervised therapeutic sessions administered by practicum students. These students offer their services under the guidance of licensed professionals, allowing clients to access therapy at a reduced cost.

In this arrangement, students can gain practical experience, conduct therapy sessions, and receive valuable guidance from experienced therapists.

What is the benefit of supervision?

Many mental health professionals and researchers believe that supervised counselling enhances the quality of counseling services provided by practicum students and trainees.

The establishment of the Best Practices in Clinical Supervision task force was a response to the request from ACES members for more precise guidance that integrates ethical and legal principles.

According to L. DiAnne Borders Ph.D, supervision in counseling serves several key purposes:

  • Ensure Quality and Safety: It guarantees that counseling sessions are conducted ethically, safely, and in accordance with best practices, preventing potential harm to clients.

  • Foster Skill Development: Experienced supervisors offer feedback and guidance to practicum students, fostering the development of clinical skills, improvement of therapeutic techniques, and expansion of familiarity with various approaches.

  • Address Ethical Considerations: Supervisors assist trainees in navigating ethical challenges and intricate situations, ensuring the protection of clients' rights and well-being.

  • Promote Reflective Practice: Supervision stimulates self-reflection and self-awareness among trainees, leading to personal and professional advancement.

  • Enhance Clinical Confidence: Regular supervision sessions can enhance the confidence of practicum students by validating their strengths and addressing areas that require improvement

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