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EMDR Therapy

Trauma can cause excruciating emotional pain. You don’t have to suffer in silence, we can help you.

EMDR therapy is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on helping individuals who have gone through traumatic events. This therapy involves using bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, while recalling traumatic memories. The aim is to help the individual process the trauma in a more positive way, which can decrease the intensity of traumatic memories and associated negative emotions. EMDR therapy is considered effective for treating PTSD and other mental health conditions.


How’s the client’s experience during EMDR


Individual experiences and responses to EMDR therapy can vary, as each person's experience is unique. The therapy session involves the therapist guiding you through recalling a traumatic memory while using bilateral stimulation, such as eye movements, to reprocess the memory. Some people may feel a slight tingling or pulsing sensation during the bilateral stimulation, while others may not feel anything. Different emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, or relief, may arise during the session as you work through the traumatic memory. 


What does EMDR help with?


EMDR Therapy can be used to treat following presenting issues:

  1. Panic attacks

  2. Anxiety disorders

  3. Depression

  4. Phobias

  5. Complicated grief

  6. Chronic pain

  7. Substance abuse and addiction

  8. Performance anxiety

  9. Eating disorders

  10. Sexual and physical abuse trauma

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