Sabrina Golchin





Looking back at my life, I find it very fitting that I am a counsellor  specializing in transitions, though it might seem slightly ironic that I owe my current clarity and satisfaction to a past that was about as stable and accommodating as a transit terminal!


Sabrina Golchin is a progressive and practical thinker. She has years of experience working with children, youth, parents, families, and individuals. She holds a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Adler University in Vancouver, British Columbia. In the course of her career, she has worked with diverse populations, and has provided assistance to clients of all age groups with a variety of clinical issues.  Sabrina believes in turning a crisis into opportunity, and brings this guiding value to her work with anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma issues as well as her work with family transition.

Suite 120 - 4550 Highway #7
Vaughan, ON.
L4L 4Y7


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Couple talking to therapist

Distanced couple attending a counselling and therapy session