One of the most frequent concerns we hear from individuals is a version of "I know what to do, but I just can't seem to do it." Chances are that you find this familiar too. Whether you are disoriented by a crisis, making a career choice, taking on a personal project, considering leaving a relationship, or entering a new relationship, some degree of reservation, anxiety, stress, confusion, and self-doubt is natural. But if these feelings keep you from pursuing your goals, ignoring them will not get you far; it is vital to your progress and well-being to acknowledge your anxieties, identify their roots, and take decisive and fundamental action to overcome them.


During our counselling sessions, we are highly attuned to your experience. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore internal thoughts, feelings, conflicts, traumas, and experiences. I am compassionate, yet direct enough to provide a productive and appropriately challenging space for you to meet your therapeutic goals. In this process, I use innovative tools and techniques. I utilize practical and effective therapy techniques that assist clients in tracing the roots of their anxieties and inhibitions, and then developing the confidence and tools to overcome these challenges.

"When working with clients, We believe in turning a crisis into opportunity, and we bring this guiding value to our work with anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and trauma, and family issues that impact individuals."

All of Our Therapists Are Offering Online Counselling at This Time!

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