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"Having worked with children and youth for many years, We offer our young clients and their parents tools to sort through the confusion of challenging new experiences, emotions, and thoughts. In doing so, we support them in gaining the clarity and confidence needed to make the most of their invaluable developmental years."

Childhood and adolescence are the most productive yet often the most sensitive and challenging periods in our lives. Through these key developmental years, children and teens often struggle to strike a balance between their desire for independence and their need for protection and guidance. The constant encounters with new experiences and emotions, which often clash in the process of self-identification, often make growing up an overwhelming and chaotic process even under perfectly stable circumstances. This combined with the often unexpected yet inevitable life challenges and transitions like parental separation, grief and loss, geographical relocation, school and peer issues, makes for extra challenging times in the lives of children.

When working with children, we revel in their ability to process emotions and situations in a concrete manner. Through games, drawing, and the language of play we help children make sense of and process the jumble of emotions that are inside them. This way they can continue to grow in their development, express themselves more clearly, and enhance their emerging life skills.

It is also important to work with the parents of young children as you have the greatest impact on your child. This allows you to understand your child better, create a stronger attachment between you and your child, and implement new strategies to maximize your child’s potential.

We typically meet first with parents in order to gain a thorough history of the problems to be addressed as well as the developmental history of your child. During the initial session we can get a good understanding of the goals and areas of change that you would like to see happen. At this time, we can decide whether to start therapy with you and your child, the family as a whole or only with certain family members (either your child, or you and your partner).

Before initiating psychotherapy services, we schedule an initial assessment session with either you and/or your partner, without your child being present. The initial assessment is completed in one 50-90 minute session. The following steps are carried out:

  1. Details about your current concerns regarding your child are obtained.

  2. Background information and family history is gathered.

  3. Goals for therapy are discussed.

  4. Various psychotherapy approaches are discussed and a plan of action is determined.


After the initial assessment and depending on your particular needs, you and your child will be involved in counselling either individually or together through various combinations of the following services:

  1. Therapy for Children

  2. Psychotherapy for Parents (please see parenting section of website)

  3. Combination of Parent and Child Therapy Sessions

Each therapy session is typically 50 minutes long. At times, a longer session may be required with you in order to review your child’s progress and discuss complex parenting concerns or to provide parenting education/training to you. If longer sessions are indicated, we can discuss this together.


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