16 Parenting Practices to Raise a Successful Child…

Be the boss of your child — Children often start saying things like “you are not the boss of me” at a point when they are negotiating their boundaries. This starts somewhere around 2-3 years of age and continues well into later adolescence and beyond. This can often feel intimidating for parents and may leave some parents second guessing their level of authority. Many parents want to have a ‘good’ relationship with their children and feel that if they treat children and youth as their equal their chances of having a ‘good’ relationship with them will increase. Yes, children and parents must have equal human rights, however, many parents mistake giving children too much authority with being e

Reclaiming Our Children-Winning the Battle against Technology

In today’s world parents are often second or even third in command after technology and peers when it comes to providing leadership for their children. Now is technology bad? This is the simplified version of a million dollar question which is the topic of many debates and discussions. If it is bad, what makes it bad? The most common reason I hear is that it takes away from meaningful social interactions for children and youth. Well, I would argue that when I am surrounded by adults in a meeting or a social gathering, at any given time, 7 out of 10 people are seriously looking at their smart phones. It seems as though they are trying to figure out a difficult math equation and a lot depends

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